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SPECIAL NEEDS TRUSTS / SUPPLEMENTAL NEEDS TRUSTS For those of us who worry about caring for: - The physically challenged individual - The mentally challenged child or loved one - The elderly and incapacitated parent or loved one - The victim of personal injury or substance abuse......... THE ANSWER IS TO CREATE A SPECIAL KIND OF TRUST THAT WILL ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE TO PROVIDE FOR THAT SPECIAL NEEDS INDIVIDUAL. Supplemental Needs Trusts, which are similar to Special Needs Trusts (SNT's) are designed specifically to protect assets (house, cash, investments) so that they can be used for the benefit of the Special Individual without jeopardizing government benefits for that person. Some persons are afraid that if they leave their child funds to care for the special individual, he or she will lose their MediCare, Social Security or other government benefits.  This is a valid concern!  Health care costs, for special individuals in particular, is a HUGE worry, so it is important to properly protect your loved one with the correct legal documents. There are only a few valid ways to protect the assets of a loved one in this predicament, so it is CRITICAL that you plan with an attorney that understands the LEGAL, EMOTIONAL and SOCIAL details concerning Special Needs Trusts.  Who you pick to be the Trustee, or Trustees, how you "fund" the trust, and whether it should be a Stand-Alone SNT or not, are important legal topics to carefully consider with experienced counsel.  Anne M. Campbell, Esq. is one of the few attorneys preparing SNTs in Solano County!

Anne M. Campbell, Esq.

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