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Almost every Estate or elder person is involved with real estate. How title is held is critical to the way in which your real estate will be taxed, and passed on to your heirs. Many of us are familiar enough with real estate to be tempted to handle transactions ourselves. However, this is an area that commonly leads to litigation, title troubles, and costly legal hassles well after an unsuspecting persons helps himself by creating his own deed, or selling his own house. At The Law Offices of Anne M. Campbell, we know how to swiftly diagnose problems with your real estate, how to transfer property with the least amount of tax, and how to avoid legal troubles down the road. We prepare the deeds for California real estate, record them, and prepare the forms that avoid tax reassessment for you. As you manage your trust through the years, we can assist with ensuring that additional properties have been properly titled. This is especially important if you have a married trust and one spouse has passed away... there are complicated issues involving a 'split' of real estate interests with an "A/B" trust. Another common service this office performs is to assist families as persons age, and must re-evaluate the property they own. Should I sell my house and move? How can I stay in my own home? How will these choices affect my family, my heirs? Can I afford to find assisted living? Handling the real estate issues arising with the process of aging and infirmity are a special skill held by Anne Campbell and her staff. One short appointment to prevent an ill-advised real estate sale or activity can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trustees, in particular, run serious risks handling real estate for the ones they must care for. Avoid liability and taxes, consult with The Law Offices of Anne M. Campbell before you make a move!

Anne M. Campbell, Esq.

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