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After you have a chance to meet with Anne M. Campbell, Esq. and have been advised as to exactly what you need, your plan may include these documents specific to her Elder Law/ Estate Planning practice: Wills» A will is a legal document that dictates a person’s final wishes for distribution of his or her personal property & money after death. A will is the most basic estate planning tool. A will generally must go through probate court.  Regardless of the Estate Tax issues, in California a revocable trust should be used in conjunction with a will to ensure that your wishes and your family are taken care of after you are gone, and to ensure better care as you age. Probate» Probate is the court procedure where your Personal Representative (also known as an Executor or Administrator) files your will and legal papers required by California Law with the Court.  Whether simple or contested, this is a specialized area of practice done right, and done well, by the office for you. Elder Care» We assist families with their elder care planning-- so your loved ones are properly cared for and their assets preserved to the fullest extent allowed by law.  How to identify diminishing abilities, how to deal with them, how to handle placement and care, or aging-in-place, this office is focused on fair, sensible and sensitive care for the elderly. Real Estate» Managing property held in a trust, in married names, joint tenancy, or a partnership, etc., exposes one to serious legal and tax liabilities.  The office assists with all aspects of real estate, advising clients as to the status of their property, how to sell, transfer, and otherwise manage real estate in California, and where appropriate other locations. Estate Planning» Whether your assets are very simple, or quite extensive, planning for your incapacity - which could occur at any time - and for passing on what is important to you is critical.  Your peace of mind is at stake... it is not IF, it is just WHEN.  Rather than allow the State or someone you did NOT choose to run your life, this office adjusts fees and documents to fit YOUR PLANS. Conservatorship» A conservator is someone authorized by the court to manage your affairs.  For a more detailed explanation, click on the word "Conservatorship". Revocable Trusts» Revocable Living Trusts are legal documents drafted by an attorney with your specific wishes and instructions for your Trustee to follow once you become incapacitated or die. Revocable Living Trusts provide an effective way to avoid Probate, the judicial process for administering an estate after someone dies. For more information, click on the words "Revocable Trusts". Asset Preservation» If you face the need for care, whether skilled care in a nursing home, assisted living, or possible at-home care, a major worry is how to pay for it?  What will be left after paying for such care? Power of Attorney» These important directives protect your family and agent from the pressure of health care providers and others by allowing them to prove your wishes, relieving your agent of the agony of decision-making for you and making your wishes clear. Corporations & LLCs Info coming soon Trust Administration» After the passing (death) of the grantor trustee (the person who created the trust), certain steps must be taken to ensure complying with state laws, to preserve the federal estate tax exclusion amount, and to change title to assets that belong to the trust. This process is called “trust administration”. Special Needs Trusts» Special Needs Trusts and Supplemental Needs Trusts are for those of us who worry about caring for the physically challenged individual, the mentally challenged child or loved one, the elderly and incapicitated parent or loved one, or the victim of personal injury or substance abuse.

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