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Anne Campbell has collected hats for over 30 years. Over 99 hats are included in the Law Office collection, the vast majority of them given by clients. The hats displayed remind us of the people who gave them. They evoke memories of tradition, a classy reminder of the panache of their former owners. The hats range in age from the late 1880's to the present, and are uniquely displayed as part of the law office decor. The origin of the law office hat collection reflects the modest beginnings of Campbell Law's solo practice. Having left the Big Firms to raise her two children, first, and practice law, second, Anne found a tiny office in the early years. With little money for decoration, Anne hung up a few hats she had inherited from her grandmother. This added some color to the bare, white walls. Over the years, clients would notice the hats, and surprise Anne with an offering of "My mother's wedding hat", or "My aunt's Easter bonnet", etc. These chapeaus were feathered, netted, beaded and beautiful expressions of the close bond that forms in this estate and elder law practice, devoted to clients. Thus, the caps and fedoras are catalogued, then they join the revolving show of headcoverings on the walls. In this way, so many more people have taken pleasure out of the special style that belonged to the wearer. The collection reflets Anne's fondness for classic items, things made by hand with skill and care, and frankly saved a bowler or two from the dumpster. Never throw away a hat! Call us today at (707) 449-0800 for an appointment, so that The Law Offices of Anne M. Campbell can begin to help you through this most important process of your life.

Anne M. Campbell, Esq.

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