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ESTATE PLANNING What is an estate, do I have one, and why should I be planning for it? Most clients come to The Law Offices of Anne M. Campbell, PC, indicating that their life is pretty simple, so they don't really need 'all that fancy planning'.  At this office, we remind our clients of the old saying:  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Whether you are 25 years old and travelling for business and pleasure without much property or worries, or you are 35 years old with a child or two - a mortgage - and too busy and financially modest to think you need a trust or will, or you are 75 and you think you are going to 'get around to it' one of these days, each of us needs to do some Estate Planning or those around us will pay, and pay. An ESTATE can be a legal term for the assets that you own which go through the Probate Court system after you die.  Currently, many people talk about their 'Estate' to include all of the assets they own, now and when they die (whether in a trust or not).  Either way you like to think about it, the State You Are In Now, and the Estate You Will Leave Someday are important to plan for TODAY. If you were totally incapacitated tomorrow in an accident, but still survived, who would take care of you?  Who would take care of your loved ones?  How would you pay for it?  If you have the correct guidance when you do your Estate Planning, you will be encouraged to think about TODAY AS WELL AS TOMORROW, AND 'SOMEDAY'. Anne M. Campbell, Esq. is often heard to say:  "It's not, 'What if you die?', it's 'What if you don't!"  This is because almost ALL of us face some limitations as we age, physical, mental or financial.  While we all hope to live a long, full life and pass peacefully in our sleep, the reality is that almost 80% of us need some assistance and care in an assisted-living situation or a nursing home before we pass on.  Many of us will face disability long before we get to the end-game.  Even more of us will have faced that experience with a loved one before we face it ourselves.  The only thing to fear about this natural fact is the unknown. If you obtain specialized, compassionate advice about how to protect yourself, your house, your funds, your family, you can put together a plan that makes you rest easy that you are as ready as you can be.  Spend a little time doing something about this, and no more time worrying.  Get a trust, a pour-over will, and powers of attorney, or perhaps a more advanced Dynasty Plan or Business Succession Plan, and you will have taken care of yourself as well as those for whom you care most.

Anne M. Campbell, Esq.

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