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CONSERVATORSHIP A CONSERVATOR is someone authorized by the court to manage your affairs.   CONSERVATORSHIP is only granted when you cannot manage affairs by yourself any longer.  A conservator may be appointed if you become unable to make sound decisions, feed or dress yourself, handle your own finances or resist undue influence (Prob. § §1800-1804). Who can be a CONSERVATOR?  Conservators can be your family members, friends, a professional or, in some cases, the county public guardian.  Unlike an agent with a durable power of attorney, a conservator will receive and be subject to court ordered supervision in the handling of your affairs. (Prob. §1851.5)  The rules governing conservatorship are very strict, for good reason:  this area of the law was formed to protect the helpless. To avoid having someone in charge of you, should you lose your abilities, you can nominate your own conservator for a judge's future consideration (Prob. §4672).  However, you should receive experienced legal advice about who to nominate, and how to do so effectively.  The person who becomes your conservator will control your life for its duration! If you think you need a Conservator, or know someone who needs such help, call SOONER rather than LATER.  It is much better to have discussed this openly with someone as experienced as Anne M. Campbell, Esq., to plan for future protection and ensure your own happiness.

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