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ASSET PRESERVATION If you face the need for care, whether skilled care in a nursing home, assisted living, or possible at-home care, a major worry is how to pay for it?  What will be left after paying for such care? At The Law Offices of Anne M. Campbell, PC, we familiarize families with the ways to manage the cost of care anticipated, and how to plan for the unknown.  We advise on how to qualify for Medi-Cal assistance with nursing home or skilled care, and the range of other options available in your community. We emphasize how to stay AT HOME if possible, for as long as possible, however also how to avoid the toll on caregivers.  All techniques legally available are explored, and practical ways to save loved ones as well as their money, their homes, their possessions, are employed. When care at home is not possible, we are closely tied at this office to placement people who work to find you or your loved ones the best possible situation for you, ensuring care with dignity.  The Law Offices of Anne M. Campbell, PC is not just another paper-pushing firm, we are in the trenches - we are all in this together! PRESERVING WEALTH Another type of "asset preservation" is planning to preserve wealth to pass on to your heirs without loss to death taxes, income taxes, and reduction by poor management. This wealth management is also an emphasis at The Law Offices of Anne M. Campbell, PC.  If your estate holds enough wealth, whether in land, funds, or other assets, you could lose almost 50% of what authorities determine is "excess wealth" to taxes!  Should your children, grandchildren, or other heirs not be savvy in handling wealth, how do you avoid their losing it all - to divorce, to creditors, to foolish investments?  Preserving assets involves a host of tools, ways to ensure that your hard-earned dollars are not wasted away.  Anne M. Campbell, Esq., particularly enjoys helping her clients preserve their assets for future generations, and building long-term security for their families and charities.

Anne M. Campbell, Esq.

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